Different ways in which Save Omwana Africa helps the community

Find right below some of the initiatives in which SOA is actively and proudly involved:





The Education and Training Program

This project provides direct sponsorship to orphaned and needy children, by giving them medical care and paying for their school fees and materials, such as uniforms. We also mentor them so they can one day become helpful citizens that will impact their communities with positive changes.

Each orphaned child needs $15 to 20$ per term in order to attend public school and learn how to read and write.





ADult education program / English teaching

 Here we teach both widows and youths who have dropped out of school how to read and write. We deliver free classes at our centre from Monday to Friday, 10am to 11am.

We at SOA have a wide plan for the introduction of adult education into rural communities of Uganda, like in Bugomba village, so that illiterate people can learn how to read and speak English. This way we intend to minimize the problem of language barrier among those who found themselves forced to quit school. 


Agricultural Development and poultry FARMING

This is an initiative that has been developed in Bugomba village, which goal is to provide food to those in need. It also aims at creating a demonstration garden for the local community, where people can come and learn better agriculture and poultry farming skills and practices.

The goal here is not only to get a sustainable source of food for the children and women of the rural community. We at Save Omwana Africa hope to increase food production from subsistence farming to extensive farming using machinery. With a higher production of food, we shall be able to feed the women and children under our care and even sell off some of the produce, so we can provide them with a steady source of income.


Widows and Women Empowerment Programs

This is a program aimed at empowering women with skills that can help them sustain themselves and their children. Women are trained in various skills like farming and production of handcrafts. In Africa, 80% of the money obtained from craft sales goes on feeding the children and paying for their school fees.

 Women and children are the most vulnerable group struck by malaria and HIV/AIDS diseases. Many of the women become widows at a very young age, and the majority of them lack any source of income to get the medication needed for treatment. Because of that, when they end up dying, they leave their children alone and helpless. Providing them with the tools and the knowledge to prevent and fight fatal diseases can make a huge difference.



YOUTH Empowerment Programs

Through this programs, we at SOA intend to reach out to the youngsters in the schools, in order to inspire them to become hopeful and make good decisions that will impact their lives and communities. The goal is to provide them with the tools to grow and thrive by themselves, so one day they can become role models for their society.

SOA organizes seminars to monitor and train the young ones with new skills, encouraging them to put what they learn into practice so one day they can start their own small businesses and become self-sufficient. By teaching young boys and girls how to earn a living, this program also aims at closing the gap between the rich and the poor.


Housing Development for the homeless children, Elderly Women and Widows

In partnership with both local and international volunteers (student groups, mission groups and other non-profit organizations), we at SOA aim at improving life standards in rural villages by building houses for homeless children, widowed mothers and needy elderly grandmothers.

The goal is to provide poor families with a decent and secure home, so their children can grow up in a good atmosphere. Tipically, a 2-bedroom house goes for an estimate of 4000$ to 8000$, including land and building materials. With the support from our local youths and international volunteers, most houses can be built in the space of three to five weeks


Main Challenges we face

None of the activities listed on this page have any specific or permanent staff attached to them. Therefore, they tend to get delayed.

Normally, funds allocated aren't enough to cause any relevant impact. 

Due to the scarcity of resources, all issues demand a lot of consideration.

Poverty alleviation is a big issue in the rural communities of Uganda, so much of the resources we get at SOA need to be instantly directed to the coverage of basic needs.

Lots of emphasis have to be put on the ground, in order to obtain improvements on the standards of living of the community members