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Save omwana africa set of statements that guides and imform its priorities,plans and programs

omwana pickleball strives and ensures that its area of focus and the decissions it makes are eligned with our organisation aims,mission,vission and objectives

PURPOSE To develop,sustain a dynamic integrated children system that promotes participation,compitition and excellence in pickleball

VISSION To steadly increase and develop pickleball in african communities and schools as a world class sport


To creat and provide pickleball oportunies for children, youths of all ages and abillities with in communities and support the development of picklball at all levels for players,coaches,clubs and volunteers

To develop and sustain pickleball workforce to develop clubs,with an emphasis on gaining pickleball standards,and futher developing juniour and youth pickleball leauge to provide continued oppotunities from youth to adult

To encourange players and clubs to identify and seach for new talents in communities and schools

To develop community programme talent ID through pickleball outreaches and associations

Provision of oppotunities for players with disabilities to work with groups to provid a chance for pickleball players with disability backgrounds


1: Girls and boys pickleball

2: Club development

3: League competitions and small sided pickleball

4: Work force development (coaches,staff,refferees and volunteers)

5: Pickleball education

6: Pickleball for disabled people

7: Race quality

8: Health

9:Social inclusion


1:Since pickleball is a new sport in uganda equipments cannot be easly got ,and the ones we use are for the association they have little only for demostrations which demolised the children who loves pickle,please support us today by donating pickleball pedals,shoes,nets,balls etc

2:We have no standard court for playing full pickeball ,the space we use its not enough,our plan is to buy 1acre of land near us and we build a pickleball court

The land is sold $17000 with the land tittle but we can as well pay in instlements please you can stand with us towards buying one acre of land and we build a community court donate now

3:Drinks for the little ones after playing to boost there immunity and pickleball vibe such as safe drinking water, juice, energy drinks etc